Loading Frames_ Paladins Season 1

Narges jafari rank frames bronze to diamond seasonicon

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

Narges jafari rankframes master grandmaster seasonicon

Master and Grand Master

Narges jafari narges borders gif

Master and Grand Master animation

Narges jafari bronze


Narges jafari silver


Narges jafari gold


Narges jafari platinum


Narges jafari diamond


Narges jafari master


Narges jafari grandmaster

Grand Master

Narges jafari loadingframes season1 icon

Season 1 icons

I had the opportunity to create and animate the loading frames for Paladins game end of season rank loading frames. It was fun to design the progression from bronze to mastery using mythical creatures.
The Makoa splash art used in the mock up is done by the amazing Casey Edwards